December in Boston and St. Porphyrios

St. Porphyrios

St. Porphyrios

Last week the temperature dropped from a high of 63 degrees to a high of 33 degrees in one day. The low with wind chill was 7 degrees. Not too unusual for November in New England, but I have not adjusted from the perpetual sunshine of San Diego.

Today is the first day of December, and tomorrow will be the first celebration of the feast day of St. Porphyrios, previously known as Elder Porphyrios of Wounded by Love fame. Wounded is definitely one of my favorite books of recent years. In it, St. Porphyrios talks about his life and experience: the central topic of the book is God and communion with Him. In St. Porphyrios’ opinion (as well as my own) the solution to most of life’s problems is to turn to God, both in prayer and in relationships with others through which God shows us His love.

Elder Porphyrios was glorified as a Saint on November 27, 2013.